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Squid Fishing

Want to do something special that locals do every year between May to September? Join us to do squid fishing and taste the freshly cooked squid caught by you and your friends with our tailored charter boat fishing offers!

Apart from having seafood at a seafood restaurant, there's another must do thing in Hong Kong - Squid Fishing. Every year between April to September, lots of squids appear in the Hong Kong waters.  

Squidding is one of the best activities to do on a hot summer evening. You can on one hand enjoy the sea breeze on one of our junk boats, and on another hand you can fish for squids and let us freshly cook it for you at the spot. Squid fishing is a very good after work or weekend event to do with your friends. 

You can choose a junk boat which departs from HK Island or Sai Kung. You can choose to have a menu where we cook on the boat for you or you can order our catering or even bring your own. 

Have you ever tried squid fishing on a luxury cruiser? Try it on our signature yacht Infinity now. 

Compete with your friends and see who got the most squids on the night! And be careful not to get inks all over your clothes!

If you prefer to have a harbour cruise or seafood dinner with your friends or clients, choose your prefect boat from one of our amazing boats, including the signature boat Infinity, cruiser Legend and Supersonic and junk boat Whistle

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