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Seafood Lunch/Dinner

What is the one of the must do things while someone is visiting Hong Kong? Definitely enjoying some fresh seafood on Lamma Island, Lei Yue Mun, Po Toi O or Po Toi. 

Hong Kong is a coastal city and famous for its name - Food Paradise. One of the best food in Hong Kong is its seafood which is well-known around the world. Unlike any other places around the world, the fresh seafood in Hong Kong are cooked in a Cantonese style. In order to have the best experience and yummiest seafood, you should head out of the city and get to an area with seafood restaurants or near fish markets. The best and easiest way to get to the seafood village is to book a boat and let us bring you to your destination. Check out our boat options here. Our best boats for your event/party are our signature boat Infinity, cruiser Legend & Supersonic, as well as our junks Luna and Whistle

Do some research online and pick a restaurant you like before you arrive the restaurant village, or else you will be overwhelmed when you get there. Either get your table first or you can go to the front of the restaurant directly and pick the seafood that you love to have. 

If you don't know what to choose, here are some suggestions for you or you can talk to the staff and they will recommend you the best seafood of the season. Some of the seafood dishes you should try are, 

  • Steamed razor clams with garlic and glass noodles

  • Deep fried squid with salt and chili

  • Geoduck sashimi

  • Steamed fish with spring onion (ask for fish recommendation from the restaurant)

  • Stir-fried clams with black bean sauce 

There are few areas where you can visit for authentic fresh seafood. 

  1. Lei Yue Mun

  2. Lamma Island

  3. Po Toi 

  4. Po Toi O

  5. Sai Kung

Extra tips when visiting seafood restaurants. 

- Book your table in advance as the restaurants are sometimes fully booked

- Confirm prices of each items as items are charged by weight and changes according to seasonality 

- Some restaurants allow you to bring seafood that are purchased outside the restaurant but cooking fees will be charged


Visiting a seafood restaurant is a nice way to show a unique yet amazing side of Hong Kong to your friends or clients who are from outside Hong Kong. Even if it's a company gathering or a birthday party with your friends, seafood restaurant is definitely one of the places you should go. For a day charter, we can bring you for lunch before heading to a nice beach for swimming and other water activities. For an evening charter, you can enjoy a short harbour cruise on Victoria Harbour before heading for dinner. 

Talk to us about your private and corporate event now! 

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