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Fireworks Cruise

Want to have the best spot to watch the fireworks to celebrate the festival without the huge crowd? The best way is to book a private boat and have all your beloved ones together.   

Every year, there are few times that the Hong Kong Government is doing the fireworks on Victoria Harbour. These include,

1. The second day of the Lunar New Year

2. National Day on October 1

3. New Year's Eve on December 31

4. HK Establishment Day on July 1 (this happens occasionally but not every year)


If you are watching the fireworks from the two sides of Victoria Harbour, whether it's the Kowloon side or HK Island side, you have to be there early, sometimes at least few hours before the actual event in order to get a good spot. You have to bring your food, drinks, charger and not able to even go to the bathroom. 

Unlike watching from land, you can enjoy your dinner and drinks on the boat while waiting for the fireworks. There are so much more spaces on the boat, and you will have a warm and nice cabin to relax rather than squeezing with other people. 

Hiring a boat for fireworks is the best way to watch the fireworks, not only because you are closer to the fireworks, you can also gather a huge group of friends and families together. Especially with kids and elderly, you can provide a better and more comfortable place for them to wait patiently. 

We provide complimentary decorations on our signature boat Infinity and Sigma to increase the festive mood. Let us know how you would like us to decorate your boat. 

All our boats are available for private hire, including our signature boat Infinity, junks and cruisers

Boats for the fireworks cruise, especially on NYE, are usually booked out few months ahead. Therefore, if you want to book a boat to celebrate, make sure you talk to us well in advance. 

Special notes for fireworks cruise

  • Beware of the special arrangement of the traffic on the day, some transportation is available overnight

  • Piers can be very crowded before and after the fireworks, so please be patient

  • Make sure you bring enough clothes on the boat as it's a lot cooler on the boat than on land

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