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DJ Party

Can you say it's a fun boat party with good music on the boat?

Some of our boats allow DJs and DJ equipment on board. Contact us to organise your personal DJ party!

Unlike lots of boats in Hong Kong, some of our boats allow DJs and DJ equipment on board. 

Without music, you can't say it's a good boat party. All our boats are equipped with speakers where you can connect via bluetooth or with an auxiliary cable. 

Whether you are departing from HK Island, Kowloon or Sai Kung, we have both junks and cruisers available for you to bring your DJs. However, they are limited! So make sure you contact us to book as early as possible especially during summer time to avoid missing out. 

Not all our boats allow DJs and external equipment on board, so please make sure you talk to us before booking. 

**Our cruiser Legend already has a DJ mixer and speakers on board, so all you have to do it to bring a DJ with you!


DJ party on boats.jpg

Few notes for bringing DJs and DJ equipment

  • Dancing is not allowed on the upper deck

  • You need to follow the captain's instruction when setting up and using your DJ equipment

  • DJ equipment has to be pre-authorised by us in order to be brought on board as only few boats allow it. We have the rights to refuse any DJ equipment on board and cancel your charter without a refund. 

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