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Corporate Events

We do corporate events for our clients, starting from cocktail events to meetings on board and to corporate outings with few boats tied together. 

Tell us more about your events and we will recommend you the most suitable boats. 

Corporate Events

Hong Kong, as one of the world's leading international financial cities and with its prime location in Asia and next to China, there are lots of business opportunities for all industries. People around the world visit Hong Kong for business meetings, exhibitions, conferences, etc. Corporate can hold special events to promote their brand or annual day out or party for their staff. 


Our boats serves as a venue where you can hold your meetings at. Our cruisers have large TV on board so you can choose it as a monitor for your presentations. After the serious part, all your participants can enjoy a fun boat trip. During summer, they can go for some swimming activities and have lunch on the boat. For winter, or if your guests don't prefer to swim, we can bring you to an island so you can spend some time for seafood lunch and a walk to know more about the traditional culture of Hong Kong, this includes, Lamma Island or Po Toi. To show your clients one of the infamous places in Hong Kong, we will cruise along Victoria Harbour so they can see how beautiful the harbour is. 

​Special events which corporate does on boats includes product launch, huge boat parties for their loyal customers or staff which involves few boats being tied together, end of year party and movie or drama filming. We can arrange as many boats as possible to be tied together to form a huge party. 


We are able to hold any events that you can think of and within your budget, no matter it's a fun or a professional event. Discuss with us about your next event! 

Special events for your clients and staff

  • INFINITE Boat Party 

  • Hong Kong Harbour Cruise

  • Private Dinner with Chef

And more.....Tell us your ideas!

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