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Bring all your staff and their family members or all your friends for a day out on the water with all kinds of water activities and amazing food and drinks. 

From 1 boat to as many boats as you want, we can organise a huge boat party for you which everyone will enjoy!


Need new ideas for your company outings? Want a fun day for your staff and their family members? Having too many guests for your boat party? Don't worry, we have everything well planned for you. 

With our signature yacht Infinity, you can add as many boats as you want for your boat party, for example Legend, Supersonic, Cordelia and Stardust. We can all tied together at a calmer area for a huge party. Each boat has different inflatable toys available for your guests, including slides, trampolines, mattresses and floating mats. We also have speedboats with banana boat and wakeboard or wakesurf available along with jetskis for those who loves water sports.


If some of your guests prefer some quieter time in the water, we can also arrange kayaks and standup paddle boards (Coaches can be arranged too). Aircon and karaoke are available on all our cruisers, so for those who prefers staying indoor, they can enjoy their own time chatting and hanging out with other guests. 

What other elements make a boat party even better? The answer is mouth-watering food and drinks! Apart from the usual menus we have - Fusion menu, Asian menu, Western menu and Chinese menu, we can arrange all kinds of menus, tailored for you, for example a freshly cooked BBQ menu or a special seafood menu. Take a look at our yummy food below. 

If you are organising a huge party, make sure you plan well in advance as boats and speedboats get booked out very fast in summer. 

Remember boat parties are not only for summer, you can bring your clients for a social event on board or a Christmas party for all your staff by having our boats tied together to create one big party. 

Organise a unique event for your guests with us now with our signature boat Infinity and our amazing cruisers. 

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