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Day Boat Packages

Want to organise a hassle-free boat party?

Choose one of our below all-inclusive packages on our signature yacht Infinity, junk boat Luna and cruiser Legend and rent a boat for a perfect day. . Send out your junk boat party invitations to your friends now!

Our aim is to help you with organising the easiest but best boat trips and cruises in your life. 

All you have to do is to send out the invitations to your friends with a fixed price per person and let us handle everything else. 

Our day packages on our signature yacht Infinity start from $1,400/person! Can't wait to see you all on the boat or yacht this summer and we guarantee you the best boat party this summer!

Check out our boats if you prefer a boat only option. Contact us if you want to know more. 

Infinity Yacht Package
Suitable for 25 - 30 guests; min order of 25, max order of 30

All Inclusive Package includes, 

Signature Boat Infinity, Infinity pool or Inflatable slide (Choose 1 out of 2), Inflatable trampoline and Inflatable mattress, Karaoke, Board games, Bean bags, Server, Bar table, Cooling & Drinking Ice, Non-disposable plates, Stainless steel cutlery, Quality wine/champagne glasses and choose one of the below menus,

A. Fusion menu + wine package - $1,400/person

B. Thai menu + wine package - $1,440/person

C. Asian menu + wine package - $1,460/person

D. Western menu + wine package - $1,490/person

See food and drinks menus here


**Add $2,000 for 2 Standup paddleboards

Signature Yacht Infinity.JPG
Infinity Package

Inspiration junk Package

Suitable for 25 - 38 guests; min order of 25, max order of 38

All Inclusive Package includes, 

Junk Inspiration, Ocean pool, Inflatable trampoline, Floating mat, Standup paddle board, Karaoke, Cooling & Drinking Ice, and choose one of the below menus

A. Fusion menu + beer package - $850/person

B. Thai menu + beer package - $890/person

C. Asian menu + beer package - $910/person

D. Western menu + beer package - $940/person

See food and drinks menus here

Inspiration (7).jpeg
Inspiration (6).jpeg
Legend Cruiser Package
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