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Book Twice and
Get 2 Bottles of Champagne!

Special offers on our signature yachts Infinity and Sigma this year to our valued customers. 

2 bottles of champagne will be offered to customers who confirm their bookings 2 times on our signature yachts.

Who doesn't love champagne on a yacht?!


SEA-E-O Yachting treasures all their customers and therefore, this year we are having a special promotion for our valued customers - Book twice on our signature yachts and get 2 bottles of champagne for free!

This promotion is available for customers who charter our signature yachts Infinity and Sigma for two times in 2022, whether it's a day or evening charter. We will chill the bottles of champagne before you board so everyone can kick start an amazing day on the waters. 

Contact us to book your charters on Infinity and Sigma now. 

In case of a dispute, our decision shall be final and conclusive. Terms and Conditions applies.

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